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Onboarding News How we come into ONPASSIVE

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had quite a few Founders ask me the question how are we going to come into ONPASSIVE?

As ONPASSIVE goes into the product launch to the global market a good question and the second question they have for me how are we going to grow our business and I want to answer those two questions very quick quickly I’ll try and stay focused when I start to talk about ONPASSIVE my mind just goes in a lot of different directions and they’re all good but I’ll try and stay focused today as we as we think about the onboarding process for ONPASSIVE.

How do founding members come into ONPASSIVE as Ash goes into the product launch to the global market he will launch ONPASSIVE to the founding members first and we will come into ONPASSIVE and I believe we’ll have to buy a a product package now in order to do that I think we’re going to have to log into our own ONPASSIVE back office not our O-Founders back office but our ONPASSIVE back office and Ash has showed that to us over the last couple of weeks it’s extraordinary but I think we’ll log into that back office and I believe there’ll be several packages and we need to choose one and purchase a package it’s been a little ambiguous exactly how it’s going to work but this is how I think it’s going to work.

And I’ll give you another scenario here in just a second but I believe we’ll have to go in we’ll have to pick a package there’ll be a suite of products in there we’ll buy that package I don’t know what the costs are going to be I think they’ll be three or four maybe even five packages we come in we purchase a package I plan on purchasing the highest cost package why because?

In that package there’s more traffic anytime you can get more traffic it will help it will help the development of your business help it grow quicker and get to that place where you’re financially independent quicker so I’ll buy the highest price package once that happens we go in the back office we click a button we become independent results the IT product the reason we want to become independent reseller is the IT product and that’s the term today Ash might change that but today it’s independent reseller of the IT product we want to push that button because that’s when ONPASSIVE can start to pay us once we get the package and the suite of products ONPASSIVE is going to go to work for each and every one of us they’re going to build the marketing platform they’re going to drive traffic and bring customers all of that stuff so that’s the process that I believe is going to happen.

But here’s another scenario that could happen it’s possible that as we come in and we come into ONPASSIVE we go into our own ONPASSIVE back office that we have to buy individual products maybe O-Connect or some of the other products that that will have a cost to them I think the first scenario is probably more realistic but Ash might come out and say listen all you need to do is come in buy O-Connect or one of the other products and you’re activated in ONPASSIVE click the button become independent reseller and then we’re going to go to work for you so it’s going to be one of those scenarios it’s a little ambiguous right now but here’s the deal this is going to be a very simple process coming in and activating your account in ONPASSIVE Mr. Mufareh has made this super simple it is not a big deal everybody will be able to do this and if you’re having problems there are tons and tons of leaders around the world that will walk you through and get you to a place where you’re participating with everything ONPASSIVE so you don’t have to worry about the process it’s going to be very simple I believe Mr. Red Q&A a guy he will come on and he’ll do videos showing you exactly how to do all of this stuff and he is very good at that so when we talk about the onboarding process I think it’s going to be very simple.

I think Mr. Mufareh is going to be sharing that with us in the next seven to ten days because we’re getting very close to the product launch of the global market we know that November 20th is a very big day we all know that as founding members and he has to do certain things he has to bring in the founders first before he brings in the customers around the world that has to happen in the next time frame time frame ahead of us so he knows what he’s doing he knows the time he needs to do that and he’s going to explain Mr. Mufareh is going to explain all of this to us it’s not going to be hard it’s going to be very simple for everybody so if you’re an individual if you’re an effect if you’re a Founder that’s not quite sure how to do any of this stuff don’t worry about it it’s going to become very clear in the next I think week to 10 days and from there I think we’re going to launch very quickly after that I really do and it could be anywhere in that time frame so when you’re when you’re thinking about The Unborn the onboarding of ONPASSIVE Founders coming in and activating their ONPASSIVE account it’s going to be a piece of cake.

Everybody’s going to be able to do it now there will be a few other things you’ll have to do as we come in and activate our accounts so you’ll have to fill out a KYC pretty easy to do hook your wallet up to a financial institution so you can get your success out and put it where you want it to be I know the leaders around the world it’s a little different in every country I would recommend you get with the leaders of that particular country whatever country it is and they’ll have a good idea of what you need to do when it comes to hooking up your wallet and getting the money out of ONPASSIVE and into your pocket and by the way that’s what Ash wants you to do success in your pocket to take care of that Financial bottom line that Finance those financial worries that many of us have had at one time or another so that’s how we’re going to come into ONPASSIVE.

Now how do you grow your business well ONPASSIVE hasn’t changed guys it’s been the same three years ago two years ago one year ago last week ONPASSIVE will be automated they are going to go to work for you they are going to build your business they’re going to bring in customers I’ll talk about that in just a little bit that will just knock your socks off it’s going to be an exciting time for each and every one of us but ONPASSIVE automated now.

Marty Dan and I we will be developing content that we’ll share with individuals and this content will give you a way to put something in front of people to get them to come into O-Mail or O-Connect or any of the O’s that are out there we’ll be doing quite a few videos not only for the free products but for the paid products like O-Connect so it’s another way to augment what ONPASSIVE is going to be doing for you to build your business quicker to get to that place where you meet those financial needs that you need and you have that Financial Freedom that’s where we all want to be so we’ll be doing some of that too and we’ll be sharing it as we get it done and put it out there and obviously you’re more than welcome to use it.

Let’s talk about the numbers just very quickly everybody loves to hear about the numbers and I’m not going to get too deep into this it would be another 20 minute video but I’ve looked at the numbers over the last probably 30 days and I don’t care where you came in ONPASSIVE whether you’re the last founder the first founder anywhere in between you are in a unique position to take care of that bottom line flat out take care of it I don’t care who you are I don’t care what your dreams are I don’t care what your vision is you need to increase it because what Mr. Mufareh is doing it is just mind-blowing every time I look at the numbers I just shake my head and I say you can’t do this but he is doing it’s already it’s done and I’ll give you one example in November all the founding members we know that the world soccer match football match is coming on the World Cup and ONPASSIVE is advertising in that venue it’s going to get in from 5.6 billion people.

I believe over the course of that tournament a hundred million people will come into the ecosystem of ONPASSIVE they might not buy anything right away they might not become independent resellers right away but they’ll come into the ecosystem and over time I believe each and every one of them this is how good Mr. Mufareh is I believe over time each and every one of them will come in and buy something every sale that ONPASSIVE makes goes through a founding member what if that 100 million customers coming into ONPASSIVE they all buy something that would give each and every founding member around 100 individuals in their organization customers sales in their organization over time if you understand the structure of ONPASSIVE if you understand what that amount of people coming into ONPASSIVE will do for each individual in ONPASSIVE and it can be the individual signed up the very first day or it can be the last founding member that signed up this is going to be extraordinary to watch and what it’s going to do for each individual founder moving forward and I won’t talk about the money because it’ll just blow your mind the numbers get so big so quickly that it’s just hard to believe but it is true it is happening right now so as we look it ONPASSIVE what it’s doing the onboarding process very simple what Mr. Mufareh has done with this marketing what the team in Hyderabad have done which by the way they’ve just done phenomenal big work I can’t believe what they’ve developed and what we’re going to be introducing to the world it truly is just it’s absolutely awesome.

When you think about all these things and then you think about the structure of ONPASSIVE again this is the genius of ONPASSIVE it’s the genius of Ash Mufareh his mathematicians his Tech Team in Hyderabad how it’s going to affect us it’s going to be so positive ONPASSIVE is going to be doing what ONPASSIVE does we change lives and again I don’t care when you came into ONPASSIVE your life is about your life is about to change in major ways and that little scenario that I just gave you I’ve had some people talking in my ear and that’s all I can say about that but that little scenario that I just gave you is a fraction an absolute fraction of what’s coming at you and I as founding members and what I what I talked about earlier it’ll change your life it’ll change your life financially forever but what’s coming it’s just going to blow you away I don’t sleep a whole lot anymore because ONPASSIVE.
It’s just always up there and there are so many Avenues to go down in ONPASSIVE and they’re all good and I’m going to stay focused today I’m not going to get off into a rabbit hole and go down some of those Avenues.

Although I love to talk about them so the onboarding very simple you’re going to be you’re going to be able to build your business because ONPASSIVE is going to do that for you if you want to augment it you’re going to be able to do that and then the amount of volume and I love that word volume that’s going to be coming into on passive just keep your eyes open just keep watching and just watch how these individuals come in that’s how good ONPASSIVE is that’s how good Ash Mufareh is that’s how good his Tech team is and that’s how good the founders are because I think the founders are a really big part of ONPASSIVE and have done a lot to allow Ash to do the things he wants to do and do them now and that and am I so glad that he didn’t launch with that initial Vision that he had and went right to the main vision and did everything this is just awesome so that’s it for today guys just a quick recap the onboarding again Ash is going to come out with all that don’t worry about it it’s going to get clearer and clearer and clearer in the next days and in the next week or so how that’s going to work and how easy it’s going to be for you to come on and start participating and then moving forward get ready my life’s about to change your life’s about to change and I think in time we are going to make a major impact in the world it’s just going to be better for everybody so that’s it for today guys have a have a great week and yeah well absolutely see you on the inside bye.

You need O-Mail first to login ONPASSIVE ecosystem.
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