ONPASSIVE CEO Ash Mufareh Interview

ONPASSIVE CEO Ash Mufareh Inteview 2022

ONPASSIVE CEO Ash Mufareh Interview 3/30/2022

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Good morning, good afternoon good evening welcome oh look what we have here.
Wow today is March 30th, 2021 but most of all did you know that the Unicorn has just born, and you can only find that chubby Unicorn only in ONPASSIVE.

All right I’m Ash Mufareh I’m just your friend and I just like positive things I like good deeds in life and i don’t have time to waste it on mediocrity or little things pity things I don’t have time to talk about negativity or gossip or any of the things that I cannot change.

So when I see something that needs improvement I take action I cannot complain if I cannot do anything about it it’s easy to blame or to take to kind of like give excuses but if you don’t like something change it and a lot of people say I wish I had the opportunity I wish I was lucky.

No, you create luck you create the opportunity if it doesn’t exist

Good is there good hearts are there everywhere and they just need a good igniter I like to be that person to enable people I don’t make people I don’t invent hearts I just believe this is what we should focus on everybody absolutely everybody on planet earth has some good in them

I’m sure we have things may not be that good that’s not my department I want to focus on the good in people bring the best out of them I think I want to start with how things you know inspire me I just believe we can do more in any department we can do more I believe we have so much capacity as a human being we have incredible energy and potential.

if we just push ourselves a little bit a little bit it’s possible if we can think it is possible but it’s only a dream or a fantasy if you don’t take action and I may not change the world entirely but if I can make an impact even in someone’s world and I don’t have to dramatically change it but if I make a little positivity or positive improvement in their life I’ve done something good.

Leave negativity out

Watch I’m not at least I’m not adding any burden any negativity to the world the way, it is just leave that alone do something good whether you can do it every day if you get good at it you can do it every day or at least once a lifetime do something good because you are a human being that’s what I think, my heart is filled with love and confidence that everyone has that and we just want to work in every possible dimension to bring that good you know out of people.

And I think we succeeded to do that obviously statistics and numbers they don’t lie we have well over 1.2 million global founders every corner of the planet that is telling us something so people are looking for a change we are incredibly confident that we’re above average and we will bring more out of people and now we’ve replicated our inspiration and our influence multiple generations started with me I think Milo likes to say that but one person at a time and now these incredible leaders also replicating inspiring and influencing others that are also bringing influencing.

We are all connected

You see we’re all connected but we just somebody has to shake up the cage and you know break the boxes and all the barriers and create that seed of a movement and I believe it’s on without ONPASSIVE it’s hard to believe we could beast no matter how we try my heart and my brain is completely convicted that if we bring one percent out of every human from their unused potential one percent from a large number it’s can you imagine if we do more and most people sadly, they leave earth they have a lot of potential so much energy and good in them that unfortunately get buried it just is a waste.

Before it is too late

So, before it’s too late we have to catch the wave and make sure we awaken those hearts and minds and give that a boost of energy to everyone such as a ONPASSIVE we’re the tool we’re the vehicle we don’t make people, people are there we just want to enable and try to extract that one percent of everyone I believe people have more to offer after my experience with ONPASSIVE I thought I’ll be happy thrilled if we get a one percent from a large crowd it would be incredible but I see that it is really realistic to dream bigger and think more I think we’re going to get more than one percent from a larger crowd so I see you happy this is a special day are you excited Milo?

How excited we are

I’m excited I’m just excited to be an ONPASSIVE and to be sitting next to you, you know and to that you started right and that you started this thing off you know it’s just incredible Julie you know I’m excited because my name associated with ONPASSIVE and you know it does take a decision it does take someone who decided to change to change it and so are you deciding to take this and move on to you know make a difference in everyone’s life.

So Mr. Ash Mufareh we all just came from an incredible historic event and then so many work have been done behind the scene I have heard Mohammad come out said since it’s been a year for us to prepare for this so could you please tell us a little bit about the amount of work and time and effort everyone yourself and everyone around the world you know in Hyderabad in Dubai prepare from this event so could you please tell us?

I’m working for the people

Yeah absolutely I love work I love because my work is by design I’m not working for anybody I’m working for the people I love for human race and that moves me so how could you run out of energy if I sit down and calculate would I be able to work this many hours and put this in any job impossible I wouldn’t choose that but when your emotions are drawn by a good cause but a good purpose in your life I don’t think you have a choice it just keeps you moving it’s a big drive that I have and I don’t have time to look around or to calculate the hours I don’t run that way it.

I will not give up

Just I’m on it until it’s done and as long as I can give. Now here’s the thing it’s sometimes it is harder to envision it theoretically and you think no how could you do that but sometimes you just have to take one step and that step is going to clear up the next step okay now we can go that direction or this direction and then you take it from there so at least take the first step you don’t have to have it through all the way but take the first step and that will lead you.

Okay you don’t know who’s going to team up with you, you don’t know with time you’re going to get better okay if you’re motivated by what you do so I don’t think I’m doing something typical that’s why I do believe it’s not a choice I don’t think I will put typical hours or something average I’m all for it I’m just motivated I cannot do it by myself but I think I do my best to encourage those who are around me or their staff founders anybody that I come across to get the best in them and you don’t know when they try it and they take a little bit they’re comfortable.

Feels good

Yeah it feels good then they go further so I’ve seen so much improvement and so much change in so many of our individual founders that is refreshing so you start doing don’t have any expectation don’t have any judgment to anyone that’s like not possible to lift up or they have way to go you never know I’ve got brilliant ideas I’ve got amazing knowledge and breakthroughs from people I’ve never expected they would contribute to the process so it’s just an amazing you know accomplishment when you are able to move people and that that’s a responsibility that’s an accountability so it’s no longer my personal choice my physical needs I have to put that aside.

I’m focused on the bigger mission I cannot let them down I have to do it and I think now we’re unstoppable even if I choose to slow down it’s in good hands I agree with you if you think that we cannot be stopped it’s we’re unstoppable absolutely astonishment.

The meeting changed the world

I like to say on the show a lot of times the first time I met you, your heart was so big and the passion I remember you walking through that door and you had a smile and I always say the smile the size of Texas you know and you walked up and I put my hand out and you know gave me a hug and we just connected right there and I didn’t realize at that time how big this was going to be and I still probably don’t realize how big it’s going to be although I dream as big as I can but we like to say on the show you know that you know you said one time you couldn’t change the world maybe but you could change somebody’s world and you did you changed my world and you changed and because you changed my world and I so went to Julie you know it changed her world that’s the way your own ONPASSIVE is and that’s what we love about it.

I’m sad about bad habits

If I pull out would you stop no okay let me see we’re going to keep and the people that you influenced and you impacted them yeah no I believe just in things from the heart and people are knowledgeable we shouldn’t underestimate anyone it bothers me when some of the gurus or salespeople try to train you how to kind of trick or how to manipulate feelings so you can get a decision or you close a deal or get a check or make a sale it bothers me I just feel that things from the heart work better more people, people sense if you’re real or not right no tactic no method would work it’s the human feeling that is the best judgment now I knew but how do you feel Milo like when you thought like almost three years ago yeah it was 2019 two and a half.


Yeah, okay so now think about that when you met okay it got better when we met a little bit better because we got a little bit of confidence now after the process and after today well the thing is I just keep growing and growing and because it’s exactly right you know when it when I first heard it I felt it but now it’s even getting bigger each time and each time.

I hear you solidify that and I say that a lot of times when our mind and our hearts get together and we start thinking like you and I remember one day you said is there anyone want to be on my team you know you were talking about giving away money and stuff and does anyone want to be on my team I remember raising my hands that I do you know and I do you know because now that you know what when I think when founders first come in.

Bigger picture

It’s all about what is it going to do for me but then when we listen to you and our all of a sudden we realize this is a much bigger picture than that this is about humanity and you know how we can change the world you know Mr. Ash this morning you’ve shown us the video of what you have touched many people live in Bangladesh and honestly watching that video for the very first time and then in Hyderabad (India) excuse me and then watching it the second time I could not hold my tears because that just keep pulling me into it like it’s just keep pulling me into it and that because of watching that video it gives me a sense that I have the power and when I said power I mean I had the ability to do it and that makes me want to do it.

If you could tell us a little bit about how does that happen?

Yeah, it’s a good feeling and when and people are addicted to good feelings okay but sometimes they do it the wrong way they get addicted to sugar to drugs to smoke to alcohol to all of that they think it makes them feel good but over time it’s making them miserable unhealthy and unsuccessful I realize if we do it organically if I do something good and it makes me feel good so I get used to it and you do it the next time now I cannot stay it is literally an addiction like I cannot if I go a day I didn’t do good deed at any capacity I just can’t I have to do something and because it’s Julie and Milo’s show.

I will have to say something

I know because these two incredible leaders with me they have the heart they would care we’re we just came from a brutal winter in Boston basically we spent our year here or at least the season and it was cold and snowy and windy and stormy at night when we realized sometime late night past midnight we didn’t do much good my wife would send me to either get food or we have something at our place to give away she pushes me to go to the streets of Boston find somebody there that they don’t have a place to eat find them give them food give them another you know some clothes or things we don’t use and they’re little things we throw a lot of food.

Helping rewards

But then I sleep better or that day is it counts more anybody can make money anybody can eat but when you do it to others enable others to make money to do that it’s a good feeling you cannot have good enough of it just think about how I can recall the first time when I gifted an iPhone to one of our staff it was moving today we get at once you just get like you cannot have enough okay we give a car we get okay.

This is addictive

So what would be next it will be more it will be this is how addictive it is don’t know if it’s a bad thing addiction can be good if you’re addicted or connected to something that is positive and I don’t remember when I got my first or it doesn’t matter not that impressive but I know the feeling and the reaction from others is so fulfilling so impacting and I can’t have enough of it so I’m telling you we cannot like go a day without doing good if I feel like we’re not doing enough like we go and look another direction we have to make up something we have to do something sometimes overseas sometimes people we don’t know we have to do something listen.

You don’t have to be rich

Most people think I have to have a lot of money or think they have to have a lot of money to be listen we can share something sometimes a phone call you can literally have a conversation with a stranger it will it’s a gift give them their time but your genuine you know feelings or kind of connection with them.

You can also help in this way

Some people they just need to be considered and recognized it doesn’t have to be money it doesn’t have to be cars it doesn’t have to be iPhone those are materialistic things.
if you’re able to you will get to a point that you are strong enough financially to be able to bless others at a larger capacity but don’t think you have to have a lot of money to start blessing people okay start with anything conversation share a bite okay you throw a lot of food I’m sure okay something you’re not not using connect two people they might have a different arrangement that will make them more productive anything I believe anyone can make something. You know do something good.

Mr. Ash, I wanted to ask you this really quick

Last night during dinner we were talking about leadership and there are many leaders around the world but how many leaders actually changed people’s life so I would like you to talk to us about what you told a few of us at dinner yesterday and you have lived it you have shared it and you are it and you are mentors for many of us for all the viewers who going to see this message.
I’d love for you to share the message of leaderships that you last night do.

Of course

Yeah absolutely so it’s ironic think about it like so many leaders that we can’t wait for them to die true or false okay and so many real leaders I’m not talking about a position or a title they pass but they’re living in us they’re impactful anyone knows mother Teresa or other legends of life.

So it’s what they do okay to others, not to themselves that doesn’t count.
And I believe most leaders try to push away especially politics or insecure systems they try to push their people away thinking that it makes them more secure and detach completely and distance themselves from their people from their population and then they think they’re gonna go to the top there’s no connection.

Make an impact on them

It’s yeah they’re (leaders) leading but by fear are they really being loved and influencing their population or just by force by fear so that’s not when you get the most out of people when you actually touch their heart.

You can ask for the hand after that when you have that emotion then the motion follows why don’t you take them with you, you have to detach you go up the success ladder together not going to take away from your wealth or potential you’re going to get what you get how much do you need.

So, take others with you it feels better it’s warmer it’s more meaningful and it’s not going to take away from your part well that is so good Mr. Ash.

This day

I know we’ve had a wonderful day today and we’ve talked about I’m good yeah no you’re better than good great and you know the whole thing today was just tremendous but I know we got some other plans tonight that we got to get to so no it’s amazing I cannot thank you tell you how much I love this.

Yeah thank you so much for coming on the show today of course this is pleasure sitting here with us we did it live we did it in a special decline we did it don’t get in better than that thank you so much before I let you go yeah absolutely I have one last question. Absolutely.

What is your message to the world?

All right do something good every day try to do it outside yourself it’s going to steer your attention away from your challenges or issues we all have them trust me but when you focus your attention on someone else again it could be a glass of water doesn’t have to be big okay it could be just a good hat shake hand or a gesture anything it is positive warm comforting encouraging to others it could be a hello it could be a smile.
Try to do something good every day, you’re going to feel better you’re going to get used to it you’re going to get addicted to it and you will scale it up okay I know everybody’s trying to focus on themselves.

Don’t think that

If I’m good enough, if I’m equipped, if I’m rich, if I’m this and that I can impact others.
No, try to reverse engineer it okay when you do that you’re going to feel good about yourself and you’re going to see that your life more meaningful all right you’re more motivated and you’re going to forget about your little pity things okay or personal thing. Because there are much bigger issues no matter what you think your issue is somebody else has it worse.

Good day – bad day

Okay so you might have it bad one day okay, there’s always a good day so I just tell you try it, it’s for free just do one good thing to someone else once in a while you don’t have to do it every day but I assure you once you feel that fulfillment and that joy of giving and blessing others you’re going to get used to it and you’re not going to have enough of it.

Thank you

Absolutely Mr. Ash thank you so much for being here with us pleasure thank you so much for your message to the world there you have it everyone go do something good right all you have to do is take the action to do that.
Thank you Julie thank you Milo in person all right thank you so much.

Absolutely thank you brother appreciate it so good to see you thank you so much everyone for watching have a great night we are in person live take care everyone please take care of yourself and take care of others see you soon bye see you at the top.
Thank you Julie thank you.

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