Presentation of a few ONPASSIVE products

This is easy to understand with the O-Connect webinar and video platform, you can do everything you could only dream of until now.
O-Connect Superior Top Features:
O-Connect Automatic translation function.
O-Connect Convert speech to text.
O-Connect Automated suppression of background noise.
O-Connect Direct links to YouTube.
O-Connect Speaker Automated Identification.
O-Connect Integrated internal links to external web addresses.
O-Connect Send invitations to emails.
O-Connect Schedule events.
O-Connect Charming emojis for chat conversations.
O-Connect Chat bot.
+Other top features

You get access to the most reliable AV conferencing platform, perfectly designed with the best ONPASSIVE Business Solution built-in (AI, ML, IT, SaaS) tools.


O-Connect brings unparalleled ease and quality to every online meeting.

O-Connect's platform, which is AI-compatible with cutting-edge features, offers a new experience for every online interaction.

Comparison with ZOOM Webinar platform prices
ZOOM, for example, access to a ZOOM webinar for 10,000 people costs €60,360 per year / per license.

ONPASSIVE's O-Connect platform, which contains superior features and the number of users, is also not limited like other platforms.


ONPASSIVE O-Connect is much more affordable compared to other platforms, and with the same payment you can also earn success automatically as a reseller, and at the same time you get access to all other ONPASSIVE digital artificial intelligence controlled ecosystem products and services with just one login.
Own data centers, cloud services, social media, email, domain, hosting, online store, etc.


Companies and customers can also buy the O-Connect platform as a separate Stand Alone product for the company's use or for the customer's own use, but this version does not include Automatic Earning.
Select the reseller option ONPASSIVE from the ecosystem, and automatic success earning can begin.

Webinar Earning Example

When you hold a webinar or an event on our video platform, the people using the link will be locked into your Automatic Success Earnings organization with the help of artificial intelligence according to the information they provide and will increase the size of your organization when the people using the link decide to join ONPASSIVE to have fun and when they themselves start Automatic Success Earning by choosing themselves as a "reseller", then the all success these purchases become Your (invitations) for the benefit of the organization.


Everyone can try example the O-Connect product for a certain period of time, and then the users fall in love with the product, purchase it for themselves, and these purchases become an success for the inviter.

Each customer, retailer, etc. gets a link for each product that can be used to invite others to join the video platform for free, benefits will be earned on all purchases of these invited people, even if you do not own the ONPASSIVE product or service in question. I.e. you have just shared your own chosen product link with others so that others can also have fun.

There are no restrictions in the O-Connect product, for the same fee you can invite people to follow a webinar, online seminar, audio conferences, product presentations, etc. whether the number of viewers/listeners is 200 people or 150,000 people, etc.

This is a big advantage in terms of quality, performance and value.
All the viewers/listeners you invite see and hear everything without interference or without technical challenges, everything works immediately and always.


Quality and features are the things that take O-Connect from the release date straight to the top as the only right option for people and companies.

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Another example of increasing income
Even for this, just holding one webinar or making a video on a video platform is enough.

By holding the webinar/webinar as an invitee, you can convert all viewers invited to the webinar to your own ONPASSIVE organization.