Do you think about these things in your future?


Your mortgage, car payment, groceries, electric hydro bill, kids school payment, gas, insurance, and Netflix subscription all rely on one thing... your main income source.


But what happens if tomorrow you wake up and this source GONE?

Let me tell you what happens: YOU PANIC!


You keep rubbing your neck thinking "how the heck am I gonna keep up with all the bills..."


Create your OWN economy NOW!
There is NO better time than NOW! There’s nothing stopping you except excuses!

So throw them away and let’s crush it together!

Automate your business


ONPASSIVE AI-based Startup is the only Total Internet Solutions (TIS) company with a complete ecosystem of AI-driven applications and tools. Tagged as the first-ever robust Smart Business Solution (SBS), ONPASSIVE is the one-stop solution for all your innovative and technological necessities.

Simplifying the complexities of your business needs with AI Services

ONPASSIVE believes in Real business, with Real products involving Real employees


Special price

Become a founder. The Founder of ONPASSIVE has the best benefits.
Before the official launch, it is possible to join as a founder.
Check the situation via the link!

*Once you have paid, you will immediately be able to use and test the products in the OFounders online office.


Join according to the semi launch time, this is not the founder status.
Check the situation via the link.

*This is a more expensive option that is only available during a semi launch.


Become a customer or reseller after official launch.

*This option includes free and separately purchased digital products after launch.